In the meantime, sequence follows sequence of hits staged with either predictability or amusing glee. A young woman inherits a country house of his cousin, filmmaker and writer Jean Michel. DLMux.XviD-Pir8 y-AsTrA y-AsTrA y-AsTrA y-AsTrA y-AsTrA y-AsTrA.ENG. All the acting is first-rate: Paulette Goddard as a faded grande dame, Claudia Cardinale and Tomas Milian as her wayward offspring, Shelley Winters as her scheming 'best friend' and Rod Steiger as the coarse and ruthless businessman who

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holds them all in his power. ADD TO shopping cart maciste IN hell (1962)-Finally, this Riccardo Freda Peplum is available uncut and a letterboxed print with a few scenes subtitled in English. Emma is released from the mental hospital after she becomes involved with a lesbian nurse. Later, while helping his mistress (Beatrice Altariba) to fight off an American gang of racketeers, Roberto is caught by the police and is put in the same prison with Xavier. This short example from one of the most accomplished of the Taviani's films sums up the uneasy choice Vittorio an Paolo try to express in their oeuvre : there should be a revolution, but is there a revolution without injustice, blood, and despair?

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This particular movie features Rosalba "Lady Frankenstein" Neri and Andrea "Daughters of Darkness" Rau. .  Sometime later, Daniel manages to escape whilst being transferred to a prison and goes into hiding in Haute-Provence. Man, this is one demented spaghetti western! Director: Domenico Paolella Cast: Peter Lupus, Mario Petri, Helga Liné, Livio Lorenzon, Piero Lulli, Daniele Vargas. Plenty of nudity and overall weirdness. Eric Sange, a young successful English crime novelist is seeking to buy a house in a French village. XviD-CRiME i x mato zzo gantino llissimo rafino ng ppi.

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Somehow they have a sorcerer (!) in the village who plays bad tricksillusions.P. DLMux.XviD-Pir8 y-AsTrA y-AsTrA y-AsTrA y-AsTrA y-AsTrA y-AsTrA y-AsTrA y-AsTrA y-AsTrA y-AsTrA y-AsTrA y-AsTrA y-AsTrA y-AsTrA y-AsTrA y-AsTrA y-AsTrA.DLMux. ADD TO shopping cart THE game (1989)-In Italian with english subs. Director: Claude Goretta, With: Maurice Garrel, Frédérique Meininger, Lise Ramu, Jacqueline Burnand, Philippe Mentha, Marc Fayolle. He also appeared in numerous Euro action-thrillers during the 1960s including Death Trip, Kiss Kiss Kill Kill, and So Darling So Deadly. He wants have sex with his young babe, but her mother called. His first movie - "Geißel des Fleisches" - came as a shock to Austrians, his second movie "Schamlos" repeated that experience. He has stolen some important military documents that he intends to deliver to Pancho Villa. Crossing the border into East Germany, Berrera obtains some secret documents which expose a number of senior German figures as Nazi war criminals. . Despite the unfortunate turn of events, the crooks decide to keep on as if things were fine.